Drama | History | Romance
DIRECTOR: Max Schleinzer
CAST: Makita Samba, Alba Rohrwacher, Larisa Faber, Gerti Drassl, Michael Rotschopf
M18 | 2018 | 111 min | German & French with English subtitles | Preceded by student short film 'US'

22 May 2021



Inspired by true events, Angelo tells the story of an African born in the 18th century, who is brought to Europe at the age of 10. Becoming a servant at the court of enlightened nobility, he soon achieves prominence and becomes the Viennese court mascot. Things take a dramatic twist when he falls in love and secretly marries a white woman. That is when Angelo has to confront his otherness.


Best Sound Design & Best Production Design (Graz/Diagonale) | Austrian Film Award: Best Costume Design & Best Makeup & Best Production Design
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